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KPPC: A Journey Through History

KPPC Photo Gallery

KPPC Misc KPPC Misc Kings County Lunatic Asylum When this asylum located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn became overcrowded the Kings County Farm & Asylum was created as a solution. 129904316 The Kings County Hospital This is how the Kings County Hospital looks today. 129904315 Kings Park Heritage Museum at RJO The Kings Park Heritage Museum has been invaluable to my research by providing me with information, photos, maps, and blueprints. 123242077 The Smithtown Library Kings Park Branch The library is another place where I spent hours doing research. 123242409 Kings Park State Hospital Sign The old sign for the state hospital served as a welcome to all who entered the main boulevard. This photo was taken sometime during the 1970s after the hospital's name was changed from the Kings Park State Hospital to its current name. 129818307 Kings Park State Hospital Sign Wall The sign has long since been removed from this old wall, which no longer stands at the hospital entrance. This photo was taken by Robert Saal. 129818308 Veterans' Memorial Hospital Ceremony This is the program issued for the opening ceremony for the Veterans' Memorial Hospital Unit in 1925. 129904317 Veterans' Memorial Hospital Plaque This was the dedication plaque placed inside of Building 136 of the Veterans' group during its opening ceremony. 129818306 Set of Keys These keys belonged to former employee, King Pedlar. Photo taken by King Pedlar. 123240562