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KPPC: A Journey Through History

KPPC Photo Gallery

KPPC Building Interiors KPPC Building Interiors Building 5 This building was once used as a lock shop, but it originally served as a laundry building. Now it is abandoned like many other structures at the KPPC. 149937258 Building 5 A workstation of the old workshop. 129848636 Building 5 The upper floors were used for storage. At one time the building blueprints were kept in this building, but now they are located at the Kings Park Heritage Museum. 141442704 Building 6 This building is basically one big basement filled with pipes & tunnels. 141442707 Building 6 This was a main junction house for the steam pipes with access to 3 separate tunnels. 141442705 Building 6 The stairs that lead up to the main door, which is sealed up tight. 141442706 Building 7 The main entrance lobby to Building 7, which served as the last medical & surgical building of the hospital. 131976135 Building 7 A corridor on the first floor. 131976136 Building 7 The morgue has been almost completely covered by graffiti. 131976137 Building 7 A basement room used for storage. 133412618 Building 7 This old freight elevator is locked at the basement level. 133412620 Building 7 One can easily see how scavengers have pillaged the pipes for copper. 133412619 Building 7 It was in this room on the second floor, where a fire was started by vandals at the rear of the building. 149937260 Building 7 One can see the blackened fire damage caused by smoke and soot when vandals set a mattress on the second floor on fire. 149937261 Building 7 The metallic staircase in the rear leads to the upper portion of Building 7, where the alarm system is set to go off. 149937259 Building 15 The entrance hallway leading into Wisteria House. 129892943 Building 15 The smoking area. 129892945 Building 15 Horse heads... 3, 5, 4. 129893097 Building 15 The ceiling is collapsing in this room. Missing ceiling tiles have fallen to the floors in some places. 129893114 Building 15 A large dayroom. 129893115 Building 15 Patient files are scattered all across the floor in the basement. 129892948 Building 18 A kitchen counter in one of the doctors' cottages. 133409467 Building 18 Too many lies have been told by some of the former workers in an attempt to cover up the dark deeds that occurred at this hospital. 133409470 Building 18 Left over broken furniture. 133409468 Building 18 The second floor to one of the many cottages used as a residence for doctors. 133409466 Building 18 An upstairs bedroom. 133409469 Building 18 The basement of a cottage. 133409471 Building 19 The ceiling is collapsing in some places of this empty living room of one of the cottages that make up Building 19. 129893868 Building 19 The kitchen is also a mess. 133410432 Building 19 The second floor landing has no banister to prevent someone from falling back down to the lower level. 133410433 Building 19 An upstairs bedroom in terrible condition. 133410434 Building 19 The attic can be seen from a hole in the ceiling. 133410435 Building 19 A secluded basement room of a Building 19 cottage. 133410436 Building 23 One of the several entrances for the recreation center. 131976858 Building 23 A second floor corridor. 129893746 Building 23 Looking in from the outside. 129894106 Building 23 This was a bowling alley located inside of the recreation center. 131976633 Building 23 The swimming pool is not as inviting as it might have been long ago. 131976634 Building 23 The floor of the gymnasium is shredded in some places & the roof leaks through many holes. 131976635 Building 23 The first floor corridor, where the ceiling is collapsed due to holes in the roof. 129894150 Building 23 Many of the rooms in this brick building had large windows, which are now more like doorways. 131976859 Building 23 A broken television set. 131976860 Building 29 Looking down a staircase to the floors below from a catwalk inside of the power plant. 136392004 Building 29 Most of the floors inside of the power plant are made up of metallic gratings, some of which are missing making this building hazardous to enter. 136392002 Building 29 A catwalk inside of the power plant. 136392003 Building 29 This photo of inside of the power plant was provided courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum. 129900616 Building 29 This photo of inside of the power plant was provided courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum. 129900617 Building 29 This photo was taken from looking up out of the smokestack. 141442708 Building 35 A staircase leading down to the back door. 131977411 Building 35 The stairs leading up to the second floor. Gaping holes in the roof allow for plenty of sunlight to shine down into the building. 131977412 Building 35 This filthy corridor is not too inviting. 131977413 Building 40 A room of the old children's ward / infirmary. 131977501 Building 40 A tilted view down a corridor. 131977502 Building 40 Rope hanging from the ceiling. Photo taken by Mia Dentici. 131977506 Building 40 Light seeping into the building, as taken by Mia Dentici. 131977505 Building 40 The ladder to the rooftop. 131977503 Building 40 A lone drawer stands at the center of a room. 131977504 Building 40 Looking down the staircase to the basement. Photo by Mia Dentici. 131977686 Building 40 Windows looking out by Mia Dentici. 131977687 Building 40 A bathroom of Building 40. Photo taken by Mia Dentici. 131977688 Building 41 This large basement room looks like it was used as a chapel for this Group 4 building. 136390220 Building 41 There were a lot of strange noises heard, while in this room on one of the upper floors. 136390218 Building 41 This large room led to one of the towers, which were often used for cigarette breaks by patients and employees. 136390219 Building 42 These were refrigeration rooms located in the basement of the kitchen and dining hall for Group 4. 136391081 Building 42 This was a kitchen serving area. 136391082 Building 42 This old dishwasher has seen better days. 136391083 Building 43 This basement storage room had been blocked off by cinder blocks, but someone was kind enough to make an opening for us before we arrived. 136391570 Building 43 A damaged corridor located on one of the upper floors of this Group 4 building. 136391569 Building 43 This was a ward, where female patients of Group 4 were kept. 136391568 Building 44 A dusty chair in the machine room of the storehouse. 131977982 Building 44 A forklift left behind in the intake area near an office. 131977983 Building 44 This room at the far northern end was once used as a temporary morgue to store dead bodies over the weekends. 131977984 Building 45 This interior shot of the water tower was provided courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum. The photographer is unknown to me, but works in conjunction with the following website, 133414144 Building 45 Another interior shot of the water tower provided courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum. The photographer is unknown to me, but works in conjunction with the following website, 133414145 Building 45 Looking out from inside of the water tower. This photo was provided courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum. The photographer is unknown to me, but works in conjunction with the following website, 133414146 Building 48 An upstairs office room of the old grounds maintenance warehouse. 137389593 Building 48 The garage located on the lower level. 137389594 Building 48 A storage room with a caged door. 137389595