KPPC: A Journey Through History




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     Do you have photography that you think would be helpful for my book? Do you want your work to be published giving you full credit? If so, then please contact me before the end of 2011 and I will see if I can use your photos in my book.

     Photos that will be most helpful to me are those of buildings that have already been demolished during the 1960s-2000s, the interior of the barge, undergrounds tunnels, aerial photography, rooftop views from Buildings 7 or 93, photos of the sewage treatment plant, or of the three original wooden structures built before all of the other buildings were added.

     Just for the record I pretty much have all of the photos available at the Kings Park Heritage Museum, so if you acquired the photo from there, do not waste my time or yours. I am looking for original photography that you have done yourself.

The Hospital Grounds

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     There were many things located on the grounds of the hospital ranging from apple orchards to huge hills of coal and ash from the power plants. In fact, the Potter's Field Cemetery was built atop a hill made up of ash from the second power plant, while an apple orchard was cleared out to make room for the construction of the third power plant.

     Thick wooded areas now surround the derelict buildings of the hospital. Thorn bushes and poison ivy grow rampant making the woods hazardous to venture through. One must be sure to tread carefully when exploring the wilds of the Nissequogue River State Park.

     The boat basin at the canal is still one of the prettiest sections of the park, especially when boats are lined up docked near the old boathouse. However, during the low tide boats must be removed because the water can become as shallow as three inches. An old barge once used to bring coal and building supplies can still be seen beached at the edge of the canal. with a building built onto it that was once used as a yacht club.

     Many roads also entered and crossed through the hospital grounds. Most are closed off to the public now, but at one time they were used on a regular basis by employees and visitors to the state hospital. The main boulevard remains used by the town, but at night entering the park property is frowned upon, as the park closes at dusk.

     Do you have any tales regarding the layout of the land surrounding the hospital buildings? Please, feel free to tell them here. Maybe I can fit it into the book somehow, as I am still open to new ideas.

Former Workers

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     If you worked at the hospital and have not told me about your experiences there and wish to do so, then please let me know before the book is published. I'd like to use as many stories from former workers as possible. If you have already told me about your experiences and thought about something that might be worth using, then please let me know. Share it with me and let me get it into the book before it is too late. Thanks.

     I already have great stories from King Pedlar, Barry Charletta, Guilford Harris, Stephen Weber, Paul Kelly, and so many more. I'd love to hear from more of you.

Former Patients

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     If you were a former patient and you want your story told in my book, then please contact me as soon as possible. If you just want to leave a comment that will be fine, too. Your side of the story is a very important side I wish to portray in my book. Please, share your tale. You can be anonymous if you want.

     The world needs to know what life in an asylum is really like because people watch way too much television and movies, and seem to forget that life on tv is not reality just because it says it is. Reality tv is a lot of bullshit. Let us not stray from the subject, though.

     Your stories will be appreciated. Thank you.

The Buildings at the KPPC

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     I have posted photos on this website of almost every building. I am still in the process of adding more. I want this site to have more buildings listed than any other website that exists.

     After all of this research I have become somewhat of an expert on the buildings of the hospital. However, even with all the knowledge and documentation I have available to me I am still at a loss regarding a few structures.

     Does anyone out there know how I can find out a complete list of buildings built for the KPPC? I also need a list of years when the buildings were each built. I have most of the years down, but I am left guessing with a few that are not listed in any book. I have pretty much exhausted my other resources and no one seems to know what some of the buildings were or if they even existed.

     The unknown buildings in question are Buildings 13, 14, 103-110, 148, and 149. I was able to account for every other single building thanks to the help of many people, maps, photos, and documents from the Kings Park Heritage Museum.

     If you have any questions about buildings feel free to ask. I will do my best to help. Just don't ask me how to enter the buildings. There is no accurate answer to that question that I can give considering I live in Yonkers and go there about once or twice a month. New openings are always being made, while old ones are being sealed up. Use your eyes and search, but be careful not to get caught.

     I can tell you it is illegal to enter the buildings, but I know most of you will not listen anyway. Instead, I will say this to you... please, try to respect the property and the buildings. Don't destroy anything. Don't make loud noises drawing attention to yourselves because that's how idiots get caught. That is also how they know which buildings need to be resealed. You might be the cause of a good entrance being sealed because you couldn't resist being an ass. Don't be that person.

     More importantly always wear the proper protection when entering places like the buildings and the tunnels. They are contaminated with lead paint and asbestos and without a mask you will be too. If you don't mind dying of cancer, then have a blast and ignore my warnings. Is the adventure and excitement really worth your life?

     Oh, and please no repelling from the rooftops, and then posting it on youtube!!! Morons. You make life harder for everyone else who goes there. Use your little brains for something other than thinking of a place to get high.

     Unfortunately, a few buildings are in danger of being demolished as early as of May 2012. Please go to the following link to sign a petition in order to help save these buildings.

What Kind of Information Will the Book Contain?

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     I will be writing several chapters, which will cover the history of Kings Park, the hospital, mental health, and all of the buildings. I will also include actual stories of workers, patients, visitors, and trespassers detailing their experiences and memories both good and bad... sometimes in their own words.

     There will be a building chart showing every building that ever existed on the hospital grounds listing their numbers, dates constructed, purposes, and whether or not they still exist or are demolished. In addition there will be a timeline covering the history of the hospital, which I've posted on this website. As I learn more I will add to both the timeline and the building chart.

     Of course, there will be over a hundred photos in the book. I will be publishing old photos of the buildings while they were still in use, under construction if available, and how they look now while abandoned. I am also using interior shots for many buildings, photos of the cemeteries, and other related locations. The blueprints and maps for the hospital grounds, which also can be found on this website, will be included. In some cases, I will provide photos of former workers, patients, and others with their permission.

     I have also written a few poems dedicated to the hospital and its people that will appear in the book. Some are lighthearted, while others are dark and moody. I've tried to be fair and show both sides of the coin... the good and the bad.

     Last, I will include several actual hospital documents that were discovered and donated to the Kings Park Heritage Museum.

     Needless to say there will be a bibliography, videography, and a list of websites used followed by a very long acknowledgments section towards the end.

     If there are any questions or even suggestions feel free to make a comment. Thank you.

Release Date of the Book

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     At the end of 2011 I completed writing the chapters for the book. Next I will edit them and choose which photos I will use for each section. I have several publishers in mind at the moment, but have yet to actually acquire one. I want to wait until the book is completely finished before I find one, so I don't have to deal with deadlines. I like doing this on my own time with no pressure.

     The longer I take to get the project done the more information I can add to it. I want to be as thorough as possible.

     I will definitely post information on a release date when it becomes available. I will even contact some of you personally to let you know.

     Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: It is now nearing the end of April of 2014. Since the last time I've written here I have already published two other books. While both are fictional novels, one was about Kings Park. I am currently working on a book about my hometown, Yonkers. Considering I am under contract with The History Press I will complete the Yonkers book first, so that I can focus on my Kings Park book and get it published once and for all. I will most likely use the same publisher that I used for my first two books, Xlibris, so that I can do the book exactly the way I envisioned it. I hope you guys can be patient and wait just another year. I promise it will definitely be published by 2015. It's already pretty much written. It just needs a little editing and I still have to decide which photos I will use from the 1000s I have at my disposal. This book will be a two part project. The first will be the book you've all been waiting for, but the second will be purely a photographic journal of the KPPC. I hope both books will go a long way into fulfilling the satisfaction of all those who hold copies in their hands. I cannot wait for this book to be published and I know neither can you guys. Soon!