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I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. I moved to Yonkers in the year 2000, where I currently reside. I work the graveyard shift in Manhattan. When I retire in a few years I plan to dedicate most of my free time writing books. I don't plan on writing just one particular type of book. I have an extensive imagination and I like variety. In addition to this book about the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, I plan to do a photo essay book about cemeteries of Westchester County, and several fictional novels that I am also working on now. 

I have been writing stories ever since I was in kindergarten. I started out with my own comics, moving on to making short stories and poetry, then turning my stories into home movies using family and friends as actors. Recently, I have decided to turn my hobby into a profession by writing my own books. I hope to continue to make stories that I can turn into novels, while also writing about the real things that have affected my life such as my other hobbies, which include photography and investigating the paranormal. 

I first learned about the KPPC back in 2007 while I was looking for haunted places to explore. A friend of mine told me about the abandoned hospital in Kings Park and I became intrigued. I searched the Internet for photos, downloaded videos, and eventually went out there to see the place for myself. I have since visited the hospital grounds many times both during the day and at night.

Here is the official website for my paranormal investigative team... 

When I decided to write a book about the hospital I spent some time doing research at the Kings Park Heritage Museum and the Kings Park branch of the Smithtown Library. Both places were very helpful in providing me with valuable information regarding the history of the hospital, its buildings, patients, and the town. I also spent a lot of time learning about the hospital from former workers, who gave me great material to use in my book. 

I will keep everyone posted on the progress of my book and its eventual release. Thanks for the support. 

- Jason M. 


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