KPPC: A Journey Through History

Kings Park Psychiatric Center: A Journey Through History by Jason Medina

I am currently writing a book entitled "Kings Park Psychiatric Center: A Journey Through History." This will be a detailed documentary-style book complete with maps, photos, and charts. I am including the early history of the town from when it was known as Indian Head, then St. Johnland, and eventually Kings Park. I will also be including true stories from former workers and patients, as well as ghost stories about the abandoned hospital.

Anyone with information they wish to share with me that I can use in the book will be extremely welcome. If you want to remain anonymous, then that is fine. Otherwise, I will be more than happy to give credit where credit is due and name you in my book. I have been researching the KPPC ever since I first learned of it back in 2007. I want to tell as much as I can about it through as many perspectives as possible. I want views from former workers, former patients, urban explorers, trespassers, ghost hunters, or residents of Kings Park. Everyone sees the place in their own way, but one thing is certain and that is all who have seen it... remember it forever.

The many abandoned buildings of the KPPC now resemble a ghost town or in a way an old war zone. So many of the buildings remain hidden away behind an overgrowth of trees in this small Long Island community like some sort of monoliths to a time of long ago when it once thrived as its own thriving farming community. Only a few of these buildings are still used by the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation, or as group homes and community centers. A large portion of the hospital grounds north of St. Johnland Road now exists as the Nissequogue River State Park with the rest of the property's fate still in limbo.

I wish to tell the story of this very interesting institution, which still fascinates thousands of people in so many ways and brings nightmares to thousands more, who once lived there as patients. Many of whom are out there in the streets among the ranks of the homeless.

I want to be fair and hear from all sides before I finish my book. If you have a story to tell about KPPC that you want me to include in my book, then please tell me by replying in my guestbook or emailing me at Thank you.

I have already heard from many former workers who look back on their time at the hospital with fond memories. They made long-lasting friendships and enjoyed their time at the place that became more like a second home. They also mentioned how many of the patients became almost like family to them. That being said I am fully aware that not all the patients at the hospital have had negative experiences there. 

I would love to hear from more former patients and get their points of view. I am already aware of a few dark tales of abuse and patient murders, which I will be using in the book. How do you look back on those days that you spent there? Was it a place you want to wipe from your memory or was your stay memorable with positive experiences?

I'll also be doing a complete building chart of every building that ever stood on the property starting with the first three temporary wooden buildings, the sixteen cottages that replaced them, and the later buildings numbered from 1-151. This chart will list the dates of construction, ward numbers, main purpose of each building, and current status of the building. Sixty-two out of the seventy-three remaining structures are abandoned, while many others have been demolished over the years. There are still eleven buildings that are being used by either the Office of Mental Health, the Nissequogue River State Park, or the town of Kings Park. This chart will detail all of this information.

I finished writing out the chapters at the end of 2011. I am currently editing each chapter one by one to eliminate mistakes and repetitious items. I will also decide which photos to use for each section of the book. Afterwards, I will seek out and contact a publisher. 

However, I still need information on about 14 buildings to complete it. Does anyone at all know any information regarding the following buildings? Buildings 13, 14, 103-110, 148, 149. If so, please contact me.

I probably will not be updating this website anymore, as I am mainly using my other website instead. Check out my official website for updates, photos, and more information:


ATTENTION - Due to the recent demolition project that resulted in the elimination of approximately 19 structures at the KPPC, I decided to hold off on getting my book published because I wanted to photograph the demolitions and use it in my book. As a result you can expect the book to be published in 2016. I already have a publisher in mind. Instead, I went ahead and completed my first fictional novel, "No Hope for the Hopeless at Kings Park," which takes place at the hospital. It's currently available through my website, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from the publisher's website. Please, buy it now Here is the link... NO HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS AT KINGS PARK